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Please understand the review process will take time and you will be required to demonstrate proof of need. Operation Deltona Cares does work with local charities to make sure we do not have families receiving aid from multiple charity organizations. This year is shaping up to be the most challenging year for need and we will do our best to help everyone with the resources we are provided. 


Application guidelines

  • You must be a current resident of the City of Deltona (proof will need to be provided)

  • Children ages newborn to 17 year of age (proof will need to be provided)

  • Proof of guardianship will be required (proof will need to be provided)

    • We do ask for parents to apply together regardless of current living situation

As a note, we are a local charity organization that operates on the donations from the local community and 100% of donated money goes into the families we help. Please be sensible in your gift requests as we do not have the ability to purchase gaming systems, phones, motorized devices, or other high end items. We also do not give gift cards.

*To help as many families as possible we do not assist a family more than once  

Important dates for applicants

  • Final day to submit application and paperwork DECEMBER 10th

  • Families notified of final application status  December 14th

  • Present pick up date with be  December 21st 

    • Time and Location will be given upon notification of approved application

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