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Operation Deltona Cares is a fundraiser supported by Deltona Fire Department, IAFF Local 2913 and The Deltona Firefighters Foundation. The Deltona Firefighters Foundation is a 501C3 organization created by IAFF Local 2913 Firefighter to allow us to help the community both on and off duty. Our firefighters believe this job is a calling that goes beyond duty days and it is our greatest honor to serve the citizens of Deltona.

Operation Deltona Cares was started by Lt. Chrissy Gallagher (retired) to help families in need throughout the City of Deltona's community. Lt. Gallagher started initially to help a couple of families in need and through her efforts the program has grown significantly.


In 2020, Operation Deltona Cares was able to help over 60+ families, 100+ children, and was able to assist additional local charities. 


Special thank you to Lt. Gallagher (retired)

You have the biggest heart of us all 

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